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About Skyco shading systems


From motorization, to smart integration, and more – we make our products work for you.


Our team works with you to ensure that your vision for your space is realized.


All of our shading solutions are fully customized to fit your space seamlessly.

The story of Skyco

Originally founded by Sandra K. Young in 1985, Skyco Shading Systems established itself in perfect balance by leveraging Sandra’s background as a shading industry executive, and owner of a successful interior design firm. Marrying technical expertise and mastery in fashion, Sandra grew Skyco from a fledgling operation to a reputable industry powerhouse.

Today, Skyco is owned and operated by Pesca Holding, and includes sister companies BTX and Texas Sun & Shade. With over three decades of industry engagement, and countless custom projects completed, Skyco Shading Systems continues to lead the industry as a premiere interior and exterior shading manufacturer.

Our approach and expertise

Today, ​Skyco Shading Systems is a leader in the sun control and daylighting industry. We specialize in innovating and integrating custom motorized, automated, and manual shading solutions. We are also experts in solar tracking and daylighting automation, maximizing the use of natural light while saving energy and increasing comfort.

Our mission is to design, produce, and deliver high-quality shading solutions that enhance comfort, promote energy efficiency, and inspire indoor and outdoor living. We take pride in prioritizing simplicity and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our operations as well as providing a rewarding and empowering environment for our employees.
Along with energy savings, Skyco is focused on quality, comfort, and end-user satisfaction.

The clients and markets we serve

Skyco proudly serves clients in a variety of markets, including commercial, hospitality, and residential. No matter the end goal of our valued clients, we collaborate with you to uncover your goals and end vision, and work diligently to achieve it.

Meet the Skyco Team

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