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Roof systems and structures


Control how much heat and light your roof structure lets in.


Roof structures add an element of style to your outdoor space.


Maintenance is easy with smart design and durable materials.

Skyco can help you elevate your outdoor living space

Adding a roof system to your outdoor space not only provides crucial protection against the sun’s rays in the spring and summer months, but also offers an element of luxury, modernity, and elegance. Increase the value of your property by investing in a fully customized roof system or structure, designed and fabricated by Skyco’s experienced professionals.

Skyco specializes in designing and fabricating roof systems and structures that fit seamlessly into your outdoor space, transforming the way you use your patio, pool area, or outdoor kitchen.

Extruded aluminum blades rotate up to 150°, enabling you to control sun protection, light, and ventilation to your desire. In addition to upgrading how your outdoor space looks, Skyco’s custom roof systems offer key features such as:

  • Motorized louvered roof systems with or without integrated pergola structures
  • Retractable roof systems with or without integrated pergola structures
  • Flat or angled solutions
  • Pergola structures with integrated exterior screens
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Guttering and rainwater runoff 
  • Custom specified accessories, like integrated heaters, ceiling fan mounts, glass railings, decorative side paneling, and more
Peach-colored roller shade, disassembled on the ground.


Grey-toned living room with a grey custom drapery system in the background.

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Three sets of custom roller shades, mostly lowered over three windows.

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