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Exterior skylight shades


Easily create the perfect environment within your space.

Control your skylight system without stepping foot outdoors.

Block UV rays, heat, and light at the touch of a button.

Why invest in an exterior skylight shading system?

Though skylights are a great way to let more natural light into the home directly from above, they don’t often come with a shading system, making it difficult to control heat, light, and UV rays. 

Skyco offers a variety of options for exterior skylight shading systems, allowing you to create an ideal solution to perfectly fit your needs. Our skylight shades are multi-orientational, meaning they can be mounted on almost any plane, including various angles, curved surfaces, and even unusual window shapes and configurations.

Skylight shades come with numerous benefits – some of the more obvious include the standard concept of adding shades to a window to control light, heat, and UV ray penetration. The durability and reliability of these systems stems from the ground-up design – a tensioned zipper track system. In addition to the standard benefits of shading, there are other advantages that come with exterior skylight systems:

  • Preventing fading: Skylights are more likely to fade furniture, carpets, and flooring. Increase the longevity of your interiors by adding a shading system.
  • Maintaining cleanliness: Because the glass of a skylight is exposed to the elements directly from above, it gets dirtier quicker than vertical windows. Use a skylight shade to keep the glass cleaner for longer.
Peach-colored roller shade, disassembled on the ground.


Grey-toned living room with a grey custom drapery system in the background.

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