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Exterior Screens

Add automation for ease of use, or integrate an existing system.
Achieve maximum privacy for your home or business.

Block heat from the outside and enjoy the energy savings.

The Advantages of custom exterior screens

Exterior screens are shading systems that are installed on the outside of the home. The major advantages of exterior screens are energy savings and the durability of available fabric choices. Because they are placed on the exterior of a building’s windows, exterior screens are able to block the sun’s heat before it enters your home, decreasing your spend on air conditioning and maintaining a comfortable environment.

As with most of Skyco’s shading systems and offerings, exterior screens come with a variety of customization options.

The biggest difference between interior and exterior screens is that exterior screens are able to block much more of the sun’s UV rays and provide better temperature control than interior screens. This makes them an excellent choice for residential patios, restaurant spaces, commercial courtyards, rooftop bars, and more. Features of Skyco’s exterior screen systems include:

  • Free-hanging, tensions, zipper, cable, and rod system options
  • 5 and 6-inch headbox designs
  • Up to a 26-foot system width
  • Solar screen, privacy, and clear vinyl fabric options
  • Environmental protection, including heat reduction and UV protection
  • Motor obstacle detection for safety and peace of mind
  • Custom control solutions, including wind, rain, and solar sensors, ensuring these shades move into action at the most opportune moments
  • Home automation and building management integration solutions available 

Stop the sun before it hits your home or business, creating an even more comfortable environment indoors. Reach out to Skyco today to learn more about exterior screens or get started on your shading project.

Peach-colored roller shade, disassembled on the ground.


Grey-toned living room with a grey custom drapery system in the background.

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Three sets of custom roller shades, mostly lowered over three windows.

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